Covered Buckle Belt

We make covered buckle belts and the straps to go with it and Astor covered buckles. In hand covered buckles, you have the option of partially covered to completely covered buckle with or without an edge stitch.

Fabric Covered Belt

Belts can be constructed out of fabric. Fabric belts range from straight, contour, stitched or unstitched. We currently make fabric belts for several private labels to be sold as part of the garment.

Feather Edge Belt

Generally the most common type of belt and the belt that offers the greatest level of customization for a designer.

French Piping

These belts allow you to add another level of detail to a strap.

Trapunto Belts

This type of strap allows you to add a raised section underneath the material the belt is made of. It allows you to add several ways to add detail to a strap.


We make all kinds of similar leather accessories including bracelets made out of fabric or leather. They can be made with or without hardware. Closing mechanisms can range from snaps to metal closures.

Custom Cut Work

We work with several die manufacturers and have a pattern maker in house. We also have two clicker machines. Any pattern can be turned into a metal die and can be used to cut leather or material into that shape. The cutouts can be embellished and used to make belts or finish other products.


We also have a heat embossing machine that is used to emboss a logo and other information on the back of a belt. This can also be used to make labels with embossing on them to be attached to other products.

Metal Snaps

We offer several different snaps that besides being used to attach a buckle to a belt, can be applied to fabric or finished clothing items to add detail and offer another form of fastening items together.


We have special sewing machines where we can make sashes that are leather on both sides but no glue is used to hold the leather together. We also can make raw back sashes where the edges are folded and finished and is leather only on one side.